Posted by: Wayne | April 5, 2010

Rudder – Day 2

Today, we started the glue-up.  The first step was to sort out how to clamp this beast.  I built a wood frame that uses wedges to apply pressure; it’s much cheaper than lots of big clamps.  Then I covered it with plastic to prepare for gluing. I mixed up a batch of neat (unthickened) epoxy and painted all of the mating surfaces to prevent starved joints.

Painting the mating surfaces with neat epoxy.

Then it was time to mix up more epoxy (amazing how fast 3oz gets used) and thicken it with wood flour and a dash of silica.

Thickening the mix

Time to go through all the pieces again and slather with this wonderful goop.

Slathering the rudder staves with thickened epoxy - Thank God for gloves!

Finally all of the pieces are gooped up and ready to be clamped.  I simply need to line them up, flip the plastic over them in the frame, and then push the clamping piece in and insert wedges.

Our high-tech clamping frame

Now the waiting game begins.  Tomorrow I get to check and make sure the joints are good.  Slow hardener is wonderful when you are working with it; but it is, well, slow.



  1. Are you going to add any fiberglass to it later for additional strength?

    • I was planning on adding a single layer of 6oz glass to the entire blade for strength and impact resistance. The blade will be cut to shape and planed into a foil before that point.

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