Posted by: Wayne | April 15, 2010

Rudder – Day 7

Today I got to fill the seams and voids from one side of the rudder; tomorrow I do the other side.  Everything started by cleaning up the sawdust from previous parts of the project.

The hardworking cleanup crew.

I also sealed the backside of the seams with clear packaging tape (sorry, no pictures).  This way, the nice thin epoxy wouldn’t run in the top and out the bottom.

I then coated the board with unthickened epoxy, paying special attention to the “open” seams.  This involved lots of pouring a bit of epoxy down, then squeegeeing it around with a plastic spreader, then repeating the procedure.  Finally, I added a little wood flour to the remaining mix to fill some of the surface voids, and spread this into the voids.

Filling and coating the beast.

Now we wait until tomorrow, then repeat the procedure on the second side (tape shouldn’t be necessary).


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