Posted by: Wayne | April 17, 2010

Centerboard – Day 1

The rudder has been shaped and almost all of the voids are filled.  The next project is the centerboard.  After the experience with the rudder blade, it seemed wise to plane the wood smooth before ripping it to width and gluing it up.  This should reduce the amount of epoxy needed and significantly reduce the likelihood of voids in the blank.  So I got to plane about 15 board feet of sassafras smooth on both sides.  I didn’t realize that planing actually was work. (I had never done enough planing before. I can recognize work when I see it.)  I was also a bit surprised by  how many shavings are produced.  To top it off, I only removed about 1/2 mm from each side of each board!

The box in the back is completely filled.

The next step will be to rip these to width, cut to length, and glue up the blank.  These adventures will follow on a later day.  Hopefully it won’t be too exciting (excitement seems to involve problems most of the time).


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