Posted by: Wayne | April 24, 2010

Centerboard – Days 2 through 4

Sorry about the lack of posting.  Between a busy evening gluing up the centerboard (and no spare hands for pictures) and several days of doing a little bit at a time, it is time to bring things up to speed.

The centerboard blank has been glued up and needs significant planing to smooth it and bring it down to thickness (it is always easier to take wood off than to add it).  The final voids in the rudder blade have been filled and it needs excess epoxy cleaned off.  Then it will be time to mark the centerboard and start planing it into a foil shape.  The centerboard blank currently weighs about 30 pounds.  We are going to need to remove about 10 pounds of wood.  Then I will be adding 20 pounds of lead, to make sure that it sinks reliably.  Then I will need to drill both the rudder and centerboard and fiberglass the pair.  After that I finally get to order screws and bolts and start building the centerboard case.

The centerboard blank. This is one BIG chunk of wood.

Patrick holding the centerboard up. It is about as tall as he is, and weighs as much as Elaina.

Hopefully by the beginning of June I can have the building frame built and be starting to have a boat-shaped object in the garage.


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