Posted by: Wayne | May 9, 2010

First plywood cuts

Today brought the first plywood cuts.  I had already lofted the centerboard case and stem onto a sheet of 9mm ply.  The plans generally give the dimensions as a collection of ordered pairs.  In general, you have the waterline and centerline, or other vertical baseline.  From here you measure over and up as indicated.  You then connect the dots using either a straightedge or batten, as appropriate.  The only really fun part was the curve on the stem, as the batten didn’t want to make the curve as specified.  As a result, I did a little bit of freehand drawing.  Hopefully I drew a reasonably fair curve.  Time will tell.

Lofting the centerboard case and stem

The moment of truth arrived and the Bosch jigsaw did quite a good job of cutting out the requisite shapes (a little outside of the line).  The plywood is a bit prone to splintering when cutting across the face grain.

Wood, meet my friend Bosch

Even the lovely assistant gets in on the action

When all was said and done, I had the stem and both doublers cut out.  I also had both sides of the centerboard case and the doublers to reinforce the lower edge and around the pivot pin.  I still need to trace and cut out the triplers which will be glued over the sides of the keelson.  I also need to trim the last 1/4″ or so from the pieces.  I did trim the outer edge of the stem using a pullsaw.  It did a very nice job on the wood, and left a wee nick in my finger when I got a bit careless (don’t worry, no picture).


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