Posted by: Wayne | May 14, 2010

We bow down…

Sorry, bad reference to a really corny Catholic song.  Moving on now…

I got several plywood pieces cut out.  The stem is now cut, as well as the doublers for the stem.  After I cut the stem I realized that I had trimmed the curve for the forefoot a little bit too far, so it had a bit of a flat spot down there.  When I cut the doublers I brought the curve out to where I want it, and I have a wee filler piece that will be epoxied in when the stem is laminated.

The outline of the stem. I cut the bottom curve a little too much; the finished product will have a slightly rounder forefoot.

I also got bulkheads 1, 2, 3 and the transom lofted out on a sheet of 6mm plywood (it dang near took the whole sheet).  I have bulkhead 3 (the part under the forward seat) mostly cut out.  I also cut out bulkhead 1.  I am still getting some tear-out when cutting, but using a utility knife to score the cut line helps a lot.  I am also getting better at running the jigsaw.

I did detect one apparent discrepancy in the plans.  The plans show a 10mm slot in the bottom of bulkhead 1; this slot goes over the stem at that point.  Unfortunately, the plans also show both doublers extending past bulkhead 1.  3 layers of 9mm plywood is 27mm, not 10mm.  I solved this problem by carefully opening the slot up to about 28mm (just wide enough to slide over the stem and doublers).

After this, I tried test-fitting the stem and bulkhead 1 to get an idea of what the bow will look like.  It will be a rather large boat.

The stem and bulkhead 1. This gives a hint of what the bow will look like.

So now I have one bulkhead done.  Only 8 more to go (including the transom).  Then I get to deal with the bottom panel, then the building frame, then stringers, then planking, then seats and decks…

But I digress.  There is progress.  Life is good.


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