Posted by: Wayne | May 21, 2010

Virtual reality

There is a delightful software tool called Freeship. Since it is written for a PC and we have a Mac, this could be a problem. There is also a software tool called Winebottler, which allows you to run Windows executable files on a Mac.

I have been playing with these delightful software tools. Specifically, I have been entering the hull shape for the Navigator into Freeship. Once this is accomplished, one can do various types of analysis.

The underwater profile for the Navigator.

As can be seen from the above picture, the boat has a bit of a hollow at the bow, a fair bit of waterline beam amidships, and the transom is not immersed at the design water line.

More detail of the delightful hollow at the bow.

This gives a better look at the hollows in the bow.  I can see why it is difficult to plank.

She will have quite a pretty sheer when finished.

We are still pondering what colors we want to paint here.  We may finish the top strake bright (varnished), or we may paint it a contrasting color.  We will certainly do something to set it off visually.

None of the pictures include the decks, but it should be a very beautiful boat when we are done.  It is really cool to be able to virtually move the boat around and look at it from different angles.

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