Posted by: Wayne | May 27, 2010


"Beauty will save the world." --Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Patrick and Elaina picked roses for me yesterday from a neighbor’s abandoned garden. In fact, the kids brought in so many, the bounty overflowed my vase! They are now sitting on the mantle, near the statue of Our Lady. In fact, seeing the roses this morning inspired me to clear off the mantle and dust. (Mom and Dad– don’t think too hard about what that sentence implies. I do dust. Sometimes.) They remind me when I pass, that beauty is something worth sacrificing for, something worthy of care and effort. The roses are careless beauty, a free gift. Nothing of my doing brought them into my home. But they inspired further action, that led to an expansion of beauty (or at least, cleanliness.) This  corner of the mantle is a reminder now: strive for Beauty–in building a boat and in building a family. The reverberation of these acts have echoes beyond the hearth where they begin.


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