Posted by: Wayne | June 12, 2010


Now that the bulkheads are glued up, it is time to focus our attention on the stick lumber again.  I am using cypress for the stringers and internal framing.  I started with 5 boards, all 1″ thick by 8″ wide rough (~25mm by 200mm).  Two of them were 12 feet long (~3.6m), and three were 16 feet long (~4.8m).  I did all of the ripping using a circular saw with a rip guide.  A table saw would be easier, but I don’t have one, nor do I intend to buy one.

Standard procedure was to set up the board on sawhorses, with my younger brother holding the board while I walk down it with the saw.  This generated a veritable cloud of sawdust and a narrower strip of wood (ideally of a uniform width; some are more uniform than others).

Ripping away. Amazing how much sawdust this creates.

After several evenings of ripping, the pile of wood is less orderly, containing a plethora of long, narrow pieces ranging from 18mm to 125mm wide, with lengths from reasonable to absurd.  The next step will be to plane all of these strips down to thickness (most of them need to be 20mm thick, a few need to go all the way down to 16mm).

The pile of wood, ripped.


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