Posted by: Wayne | June 13, 2010

Planning and planing

The planing today went a lot faster than the last time we handled a plane, working on the centerboard. This time we borrowed a thickness planer and the master woodworking skills of our good friend, John. With his help, we planed all the stringers, the cherry rudder cheeks, king plank and the top of the center-case down to 20mm in an afternoon.The 12 ft stringers ended up 16mm x 18mm by the time we were done. They weigh about a pound, and are floppy like a newborn. However, we’ve never tied a newborn to the roof to drive down the road, while the stringers we certainly have.

The work crew, all standing around looking (at a) board

In the process, we made copious piles of cypress shavings: free mulch for the flowers, which were drowning in it by the end of the evening.

I came, I saw, I swept up afterwards

In hindsight, it would have gone even faster to do the planing first, and then rip to width. Oh well, live and learn. It worked well enough, and was a terrific afternoon.



  1. If you plane first, you probably need to plane after too, just not quite as much. Keep em coming, I love reading about your progress!

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