Posted by: Wayne | June 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Elaina

We took a break from boatbuilding over the weekend to celebrate the birthday of a big three year old girl. “I’ll be so exciting!” was the comment leading up from the past week.  Hide and Seek, Blind Man’s Bluff, Dolly Tea Party and lots of friends over. Nothing formal. Everything fun.

Checking the blueberries- still green.

Then we had a dramatic reading of Green Eggs and Ham.

Will you eat them in a tree? --No.

They are tasty, you will see!

After lunch, she opened a big present– a bouncy ball with handle! Her little legs are still too short to bounce, but it’s a great throwing and catching ball right now.

Big ball, little girl

The day ended with purple sprinkles on a cake and Strawberry ice cream. Happy birthday to our sweet girl! Your smile brightens our mornings. Enjoy being three!

Happy Birthday, Elaina!


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