Posted by: Wayne | June 19, 2010


Bulkheads 1 & 2 are only 6mm thick, and the stringers have a lot of flex to them this close to the bow.  As a result, there are little 90mm diameter doublers glued to reinforce the stringer joints.  They are 6mm thick for bulkhead 2 and 9mm for bulkhead 1.  I got these cut out today.  I found a drinking glass with the right diameter and traced it onto some scrap ply.  After cutting out the circle using a jigsaw, I drilled for a single screw for clamping.  I also countersunk and drilled pilot holes for the doublers on the centercase.  This took awhile (there are 20 screws per doubler).

After all of the prep work was done, it was time to glue things together.  Standard routine applied.  Mix, apply, and use screws to clamp.  I did cheat and use a cordless drill to drive the screws into the centercase doubler.  I also glued the doublers for the seat front access ports.

Even more doublers.

I applied some tape to the cross braces for the sawhorses to give a place to put the seat fronts.

Seat fronts safely stowed below to dry.

I have a very limited working space and this is one way I try to make the most of it.  When the building frame is erected, I plan on storing the plywood underneath.  I will also put one or more cross-braces for storing the stick lumber.

While the gluing was underway, the children were sitting on the couch watching an animated Peter Rabbit movie. Ah; 29 minutes and 30 seconds of peace and quiet with two adults working in the garage. Just enough time for a major glue-up.

What our children were supposed to be doing.

Unfortunately, two out of the three thought romping around and falling off of the couch would be more entertaining.

What they were actually doing.

When all was said and done none of the children were injured and the parts were safely glued together.  I would consider that a successful day.


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