Posted by: Wayne | June 20, 2010

Faith like a child

A fly on the wall in the kids’ bedroom would have heard Patrick saying his night prayers (Partly addressed to God and partly to Mom): “Hello God, we had a pancake this morning; it was as big as the whole plate! (Singing) Thank you God for giving us Daddy, right where we are. Did you see the scratch on my leg? The skin grows up and the blood go back down. That’s really cool. Can God hear this (rattles the chain on the ceiling fan)–it’s pretty quiet? Can he still hear me? I’m whispering. Thank you for the music at Mass today. It was nice.”

Elaina simply thanked God for her dolly. And her dolly’s milk. And her dolly’s pacifier. And her teddy bears. And her teddy bear’s newborn baby. And do we have a newborn? (Not right now, no. Gabriel is a toddler.) Good night, Jesus!

It’s a rambling, disjointed, holding-an-actual-conversation-with-a-real-person-who-is-tremendously-interested-in-who-I am-and-what-I-do-everyday sort of faith. Faith like a child. A good reminder.


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