Posted by: Wayne | June 20, 2010

Stringer notches

Today I notched all of the bulkheads for the stringers.  I made a little jig out of scrap wood to mark the bulkheads for cutting.  Each bulkhead gets three notches on each side for the 16x18mm stringers.  I marked these using the jig.

Using a jig to mark for the stringer notches.

After marking, I used the jigsaw to cut the two sides.  I then used a chisel to connect the two lines and give a nice little notch.

Connect the cuts to create a notch.

One down. Only seven more to go!

I also had to mark for the 20x40mm gunwale stringers.  I made another jig for that.  Since the gunwale stringers are at the top corners, I could simply make two cuts with the jigsaw; no chisel work needed.

While I was busy with this, the children were playing together.  Patrick decided to help further his younger brother’s education.

This here tool is called a drill!

When all was said and done, I had a big pile of plywood.  It is hard to believe this is the result of several weeks of evenings and weekends.

Blood (very little) and sweat (a whole lot more) led to tiers (of wood).

I also got a piece of Cherry planed from 20mm down to 15mm thick to laminate the centerboard case logs (the vertical supports at the fore and aft ends of the case).

A lot of work, but a good bit of progress.  I am not even trying to guess how many more hours to go.  One step at a time.



  1. Looks great! It really is surprising how quickly the time goes by. If you keep a steady pace, you will constantly have that feeling of ” I remember when I was only at that stage of the build, Now I’m here!?! Thats amazing!” Stay strong!

    Peace, Jeremy

  2. Jeremy:

    I only hope mine looks as good as yours when I get to the stage you are now.

    God bless!

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