Posted by: Wayne | June 27, 2010


Today I finished the building frame.  I added a transverse diagonal brace between each pair of legs.  I also added a longitudinal gusset between each leg and longitudinal bearer.  I then added all nine “rungs.”  The only addition to the frame will be the risers to set the bottom panel curve.  That step will be done AFTER the bottom panel is scarfed and cut.

Reinforcing gusset.

Completed frame.

After a short break to cool off, (it’s almost 90 and humid as Hades!) I cut and planed a scarf to turn the two centerboard case logs into a centerboard case top (they were too thin).  I also got all of the scarfs for the stringers planed.  I started by cutting a 12-foot piece in half on an angle.

Cutting the stringer.

After cutting, it was time to stack a short piece along with a full length (12 foot) piece and line them up for planing.

Ready to plane.

I then simply planed until I had a single smooth bevel all the way down to the end.

Can you tell it is hot and humid?

A finished scarf.

After dinner it was time to glue everything together.  I started by painting the end-grain with neat epoxy, then applied thickened epoxy and clamped using various methods.  The centerboard case logs (take 2) used the “real” clamps.  The scarf joints were clamped using masking tape (it holds nicely if you use enough of it).

A bunch of glued stringers.

Now it is time for waiting.  I will probably pull the tape tomorrow.  I don’t plan to stress them until Tuesday (the last thing I want is to have a scarf joint split because it wasn’t fully cured).


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