Posted by: Wayne | July 5, 2010


Yesterday I installed the keelson (structural batten glued to the inside of the bottom panel).  I started by cutting the after end to match the angle of the transom (I took the angle off the the seat fronts).  I then aligned and screwed it into place.  When all was ready, Maria and I applied epoxy and re-installed screws.  I also screeded thickened epoxy to help fill the imperfections on the bottom panel scarf.  Then it was time to wait.

Time to commence waiting.

Today I removed the clamping screws and trimmed the forward end to length.  I also trimmed the notch on the bottom of the stem (still needs just a smidge removed).  Then I decided to indulge myself and clamped the stem into place.

Stem mock up. (It is only clamped, so it doesn't matter if it is truly straight).

I also measured the lateral location of the keelson where the centerboard will be installed.  Unfortunately, it isn’t properly centered.  It is 3.5mm to starboard at the forward end of the centercase, and 1.5mm to starboard at the aft end of the case.  As a result, the case will be installed off center and 1/8 of a degree crooked.  I don’t think we will ever notice it on the water.  The board will have more than that much play in the case.


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