Posted by: Wayne | July 17, 2010

Boatbuilding update

Since the camera was with my lovely wife on her vacation, I didn’t get any pictures taken, even though I did get some work done.  The top of the centercase is ripped to width, resawn to thickness, and laminated.  Getting 8mm thick cherry to take the rather pretty curve was entertaining.

Yesterday, I cut out a small piece that will attach bulkhead 4 to the centercase.  I also cut out a small piece to go between bulkheads 3 and 4 to support the seating.

Bulkhead 4 dry-fit.

This morning, I went over to a friend’s house and drilled the holes for the reinforcing bolts through the centercase.  That was fun, as the hole was deeper than the quill travel on the drillpress.  Drill, stop press, adjust table up, drill the rest of the way, stop press, lower table to get the workpiece out, repeat as needed.  I also drilled the hole in the centerboard for the uphaul bail.  After getting home, I got the centerboard uphaul ear relieved for the bail.  I also cut a nice recess in the forward case log for a sheave.  This should keep the uphaul line from dragging across the wood when we hoist or lower the board.

Cutting the notch for the sheave.

Where the sheave will end up.

Then it was time to assemble the centercase and see how everything fits.

Our youngest helper.

The installed sheave.

Finally, I inserted the board and pivot pin to see how things worked!

Tug of war!

Maria or myself can swing it up without much trouble.  The lead weight will make things more challenging, but usually we will be raising it in the water.

I then removed the centerboard and disassembled preparatory to gluing it all together.  Obviously, I had help.

Feeding the line while I remove the board.

It's called a bail, not a bone...

After all this, I tried to clean up the forward case log with the rasp.  Yes, a rasp is perfectly capable of removing large chunks of flesh from a index finger.  Yes, it hurts like the dickens.  No, there are no pictures of this (don’t worry, it will heal).

Finally, I cut the slot in the bottom panel for the centerboard.  I mainly used a circular saw with rip guide, with a jigsaw used on the end.  I still need to clean it up at the ends, and I think it is about 2-3mm too short (always easier to make it LONGER than SHORTER).

Notice the hole in the bottom of the boat.

So far, that is all of the progress on the boat.  Updates will follow as events warrant.


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