Posted by: Wayne | July 22, 2010

You know you are married when…

Maria and I got the centercase glued onto the bottom panel.  We also glued bulkhead 4 in at the same time.  This way, bulkhead 4 can hold the centercase vertical, and vice versa.  It basically looks like the last picture posted (Now, with glue!) so I am not bothering to include another one.

When we were trying to clean a little bit of epoxy out of the inside of the centercase through the bottom, Maria and I had a good laugh.  We were wearing gloves, reaching way up inside something we couldn’t see, and trying to clean up something gooey and a bit warm (the epoxy was just starting to cure).  At this point, I said that I felt like an obstetrician, and she agreed.  Hence, the title.


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