Posted by: Wayne | August 1, 2010

Framing bulkheads 5 and 6

Over the past several days I got the framing cut and assembled for bulkheads 5 and 6.  I started by fitting the framing on each side of bulkhead 5 (it is split to straddle the centercase).  This involved a top and bottom cross brace, as well as a small inboard gluing strip for the seat fronts.  Of course, I had to cut nice pretty curves where called out in the plans (including the cute little limber hole just inboard of the stringer).

Bulkhead 5 starboard

Bulkhead 5 port

After this, I did the same for bulkhead 6.  I already had the cross brace fitted, but I needed to cut the relief notches for the upper seat stringers.  I also had to fit the lower and inboard gluing strips, as well as adding a limber hole at the outboard corner of the bottom panel.

Finally, I stood things up to see how they looked.

Bulkheads from the bow.

Gabriel on the bottom panel (view from aft).

It is not terribly visible in the above pictures, but in person you can see where the flare of the sheerstrake ends just aft of bulkhead 5 and starts to exhibit tumblehome by bulkhead 6.

The next step will be to glue all of the dry-fit framing pieces to bulkheads 5 and 6, then to glue them onto the bottom panel.  She gets prettier and more boat-like with every step.



  1. Starting to look more and more like a boat and less like a pile of strangely shaped pieces of wood!

    Very nice workmanship too!

    Great Work!

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