Posted by: Wayne | August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday

Belated Birthday post for Patrick. Five years old is quite fun, or so we have it on good authority. Though, he was rather disappointed when he woke up and asked if it was his birthday, and we told him, “No, you slept through it. You can have another birthday next year.” Oh, for a camera to capture the look in his eyes, before we broke down and told him, yes, it was indeed his birthday! Tasty cake with M&Ms, friends over for sugar cookies, model airplane flying and The Moose Game. Finally, after Daddy got home, he could open his birthday present: a real wooden sailboat!

"O Wow! I will never forget this boat." Translation: I will not leave it at the swimming pool, a friend's house or outside in the rain...

Happy birthday, five-year-old! We love you!



  1. Nice boat Patrick!

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