Posted by: Wayne | August 8, 2010

Bulkhead framing

Maria and I had a rather extensive glue-up this afternoon.  I had been fitting the framing to the faces of the bulkhead for several days now.  This afternoon, we glued it all onto the bulkheads.  I also laid a strip of glass tape on each side of the centercase to reinforce the bottom panel seam (and also to practice glassing on a SMALL area).

Fiberglass port ...

... and starboard.

This will be as good a time as any to do a sneak peek at the boat.

Starting at the bow, we have bulkhead 1.  The slot at the bottom will accept the stem.  The hole at the bottom is to allow airflow between different parts of the bow buoyancy tank.  The horizontal 20×20 brace that I glued in place today will help brace the floor of the anchor well.

Forward face of bulkhead 1. Yes, it is upside down.

As we move aft, we get to bulkhead 2.  There is a slot to accept the keelson and seat stringers (they join at right about this point).  The 20×20 framing across the bottom is to reinforce the joint with the bottom panel.  The two parallel pieces of 20×20 will straddle the aft end of the stem.  The two big holes are for watertight deck plates to access the bow buoyancy tank.

Forward face of bulkhead 2. It is also upside down.

Moving to the aft face of bulkhead 2, we see a single horizontal piece of 20×20.  This will support the forward edge of the forward cockpit seat.

Aft face of bulkhead 2. Yep, upside down.

Continuing back to bulkhead 3, we see a similar horizontal brace for the front of the forward cockpit seat.  We can also see the notches for the stem and seat stringers and the 20×20 reinforcing strips.

Forward face of bulkhead 3. It is actually right-side up!

Moving to the aft face of 3, we see a pair of vertical 20×20 pieces.  These are to hold a vertical piece that will help support a small strip of seating forward of the centercase.

Aft face of bulkhead 3.

The piece in question is sort of an extension of the stem (needed on a sloop, not on the yawl).  I decided to add it to make decking easier.

The "stemlet." The little curvey notch is the lower aft corner.

This brings us to bulkhead 4, which is mounted to the front of the centercase.  It is also the only bulkhead currently installed to the bottom panel.  The two vertical strips are to support the aft end of the “stemlet.”

Forward face of bulkhead 4.

Moving back to about the middle of the centercase brings us to bulkhead 5.  This will also be the front of the side seats, and their buoyancy tanks.  All of the framing is mounted on the aft face.  The top and bottom horizontal members end at the centercase.  There is a limber hole just inboard of the seat stringers on the lower brace.

Bulkhead 5 aft faces. Ummm, you figure out which way is up.

At the aft end of the centercase is bulkhead 6.  This will have a full width horizontal brace at the top of the seats, but that will be glued in after the seat fronts.  The limber holes will be inside the side buoyancy tanks.

Bulkhead 6 aft faces. For orientation, see bulkhead 5.

Bulkhead 7 actually will not have a full-width horizontal brace.  After this is glued to the bottom panel I will be using a saw to remove the center of the brace.  It will just simplify installation and alignment.  The top brace will be installed to keep things more stable, especially while installing the seat fronts and the stringers.

Bulkhead 7 aft face. Upside down. Stem in the background.

This brings us to bulkhead 8, the last before the transom.  It is framed much like 6.  It’s full width brace will also be permanently installed after the seat fronts.

Bulkhead 8 aft. Sort of right-side up.

The last transverse member in the boat will be the transom.  Right now I have only glued on the bottom framing.  I will align the rest when I fit the seat fronts.

Transom bottom framing. Kind of sideways.

After the epoxy has cured and all of the screws are removed, I will install bulkheads 5 and 6 to the centercase and bottom panel.  I will also glue bulkhead 3 and the stemlet at the same time.  After that cures, I will install 7 and also 2 and the stem.  After that comes 1 and 8.  Finally, I will fit and then install the seat fronts and transom.  Then I can finally think of installing the stringers.  Only then do I start planking.


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