Posted by: Wayne | August 11, 2010

Moving towards the ends

Today I got bulkheads 2 and 7, as well as the stem erected.  I used various scrap strips of wood to brace all of the new additions.  This is also why I am not gluing more than one bulkhead at each end at a time.  I also got the final bracing glued to bulkhead 1.  Tomorrow I should be able to erect the last of the bulkheads.

Still missing bulkhead 1, but starting to look like a bow.

Bulkheads 2-7, view from aft.



  1. Starting to look more ‘boat like every day!

    Looking at the stern, how much freeboard are you going to have when you are done? Don’t want to be shipping too much water when the waves start to get a little bigger!

    I’m very impressed on what a nice job you are doing, given all the little hands that I’m sure are there to try and help you glue and mount stuff! 😎

  2. Looking at the plans, the lowest point from the design waterline is right around bulkhead 6, with almost 13 inches of freeboard. At the transom, the freeboard is closer to 18 inches.

    Additionally, she has 7 inch wide side decks, with coamings at the inboard edge (under an inch amidships, close to 3 inches high near the forward end of the cockpit).

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