Posted by: Wayne | August 13, 2010

Bulkheads 1 and 8

Yesterday I glued bulkheads 1 and 8 into place.  Bulkhead 8 was braced from 7, and bulkhead 1 was braced using the king plank and bulkhead 2.  This afternoon, I cut a groove in the king  plank for the stem, then screwed it into place.  It is amazing how much force was required to bend the king plank down by a measly 25-30mm to meet bulkhead 1.  It is now firmly screwed together, and bulkhead 1 is not floppy anymore (it is under a fair bit of tension).

I also got the starboard seat front fitted.  The basic procedure is to clamp it into place and measure how far it extends past the ends of the seat stringers.  I then mark and cut notches at the forward end for the bulkhead 5 cross-braces.  Then I drill and screw it into place.  Finally, I can mark where to cut off the front, as well as where to cut for the cross-braces at bulkheads 6 and 8 and the notch for the bottom framing on the transom.

Looking forward along the bottom panel at the starboard seat front. The transom is not installed at this point.

I was able to get a few pictures of the bulkheads as they stand (it was starting to get dark).

View from the starboard bow.

View from the port bow.

Port bow. Notice the king plank is notched for the stem.


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