Posted by: Wayne | August 14, 2010

Standing proud

All of the bulkheads are currently erect and glued in place.  The seat fronts and the transom are fitted and screwed in place.  The stem is up, and the king plank is screwed into place.  Things are starting to look distinctly boat-like.

Off the starboard bow.

Port side, looking aft.

Amidships starboard, looking aft.

Amidships starboard, looking forward.

Working on the boat started a bit late, because I had to replace a vacuum line on the van.  All of the air handling controls for the cabin are vacuum operated.  The vacuum line feeding these controls broke, so we couldn’t control air direction.  Replacing it involved removing the air filter housing, the air mass meter, the bellows leading to the throttle body, and loosening the oil filler tube.  At that point I could FINALLY reach the elbow feeding the line, remove it, fit a new line, then reinstall it.  Then I got to reinstall everything else.  Total cost, under $10.  Total time, don’t ask.  About par for the course.


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