Posted by: Wayne | September 2, 2010

Fun in Alaska

It’s ninety degrees outside and the children are running around with a flannel husky dog cape and sled, yelling “Mush! Mush!” Yep, must be a homeschooling family.

Our geography for the year, a “Trip around the World,” began this week in Alaska. For the last three days, we learned about climate, clothing, location and customs, housing codes and igloo construction. Today was a “fun in Alaska” day– we spent it playing games and doing entertaining things. At least, WE were entertained, and from the looks we got from the plumbers next door, they were probably entertained, too.

We started out with dogsledding. One kid dressed up as the husky dog. The other was the musher.

The musher yelled, “MUSH, MUSH!” all the way down the side yard and the husky pulled them around a log in the back, and then they could trade places. Mom occasionally gave a helping hand when the musher considerably outweighed the dog.

The view from the (pint-sized) musher

After a while, the two older kids combined forces as a husky team, and Gabriel mushed. As you can see by his face, he loved it.

After that adventure, we went fishing.

"Go, Fish!" was never this much fun!

An off cut from the boat, a tatting string and a hair rubber band became our rod, line and bait.

Bathtub dolphins were the catch of the day.

Gabriel delighted in throwing back the small ones.

Elaina and Patrick finally caught “the big one”

Mommy, let go! We can't pull it!

— which unfortunately broke their line and swam away.

"I asked you nicely to not pull, and now it's broken!" I was duly chastened.

Our final outside game was “The Bug Game.” I didn’t know what the bug game would entail when I collected the supplies, but the kids and I figured it out pretty quickly. Alaska has a bug problem. Lots of bugs. Everywhere. All summer long. (Fortunately, summer only lasts about 45 minutes, between 2 and 2:45 on July 15. Then it’s cold again.) Anyway, back to the bugs. One child dressed in a flannel bug-speckled pillowcase.

That one (Elaina, I think) is the swarm

The other person tries to run away. Once he is caught, they switch places.

Patrick's favorite part was running-- both running away, and running to chase!


And the day wouldn’t be complete without playing, “There’s a Moose in the House” with Daddy before supper. A fun day, all around. I have only one question, what in the world are we going to do once we get to Hawaii?


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