Posted by: Wayne | September 10, 2010

Seat fronts and transom

On Tuesday, I got the rest of the framing glued onto the transom.  Yesterday I fitted the seat front top stringers.  Today, I glued both seat fronts, the cross braces for bulkheads 6 and 8, the seat front top stringers, and the transom into place.  Please note that the pictures were taken as I was disassembling things to glue them, as using a camera while busily working with wet epoxy is not prudent.  The commentary will follow the glue-up.

Here is where I started: Everything has been dry-fit, then disassembled and placed for gluing.

Ready to start gluing up. The seat fronts are in the center, and the transom and everything else is setting up on the cross braces above the frame. All those shiny specks are the screws that will tie it all together while the glue sets.

The first step was to mix up a small batch, coat all of the faying surfaces, and install the starboard seat front.  Holding things in place while starting the first screw or two is fun.

Starboard seat front in its final resting place.

As soon as this was in place, it was time to move to the port side and do exactly the same thing.  Time for another batch of thickened epoxy.

Port seat front installed. You can just see the cordless drill near the forward end. This makes driving all of these screws much easier.

Then it was time to goop up the aft end of the centercase and the notches where the cross brace for bulkhead 6 will go.  I also gooped up the cross brace for bulkhead 6, started to line it up and…

Oops, I had gooped the cross brace for bulkhead 8.  Time to move aft a bit and install this, then move back up to do bulkhead 6.  Thank God for cool temperatures and slow hardener.  Working time is such a blessing.

Bulkhead 8 cross brace. I gooped this up instead of the brace for 6.

Now that that is done, let me try this again.  I gooped up the cross brace for bulkhead 6 and installed it.

Bulkhead 6 cross brace. This also ties into the aft end of the centercase.

After this, I glopped the rest of the epoxy where the transom would be installed and mixed up a third batch of goop.  I then installed the transom, tying it to the seat fronts while it cures.

The transom tied to both seat fronts for installation.

The juncture of the transom and the starboard seat front.

The transom intersects the port seat front.

After this marathon of gluing, it was time to install the starboard seat front top stringer.  This goes into the notches along the top of the starboard seat front.

This stringer reinforces the top of the starboard seat front.

Finally, I installed the port seat front top stringer.

This stringer does the same thing for the port seat front.

Before the epoxy set, I used the remaining glue to put a nice fillet into each corner with a gloved finger.  I also cleaned off excess epoxy.  The next step on this project will be to start fitting the stringers. Progress is a good thing.


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