Posted by: Wayne | October 3, 2010

Glass tape

I have gotten a little bit done on the boat since the last post.  Back a few days I glued the aft section of the garboards in place.  Life then intervened, and I didn’t get much done for the better part of a week.  This afternoon I filled and fiberglassed the garboard to bottom panel seam.  It was a lot of work.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of the work in progress.  The basic procedure was:

  • Clean up the seam.  Use a chisel to remove globs of hardened epoxy.  Then vacuum all of the detritus out of the way.
  • Measure and cut all of the glass tapes.  There are 7 bays to a side, 2 layers of glass per bay, for a total of 28 pieces of 100mm fiberglass tape.  It works out to about 2 square yards of cloth.
  • Mix up a small batch of thickened epoxy and fill the seam from the inside, using a small rounded tool to create a 25mm radius.  It really doesn’t take much epoxy for most of this part.
  • Place the first layer of glass tape into place for each of the filled bays.
  • Mix up a small batch of unthickened epoxy and fully wet out the glass tape.  It will go from white to clear as it is saturated.
  • Place the second layer of glass tape into each of the bays.
  • Add more unthickened epoxy and wet out the second layer.  Mix more batches of epoxy as needed.
  • Repeat on the second side of the boat.
  • Fill the seam and add glass tape inside the forepeak (between bulkheads 1 and 2).  This one is a real pain, as it has lots of angles, and not much room to work.

I did take a few pictures after I had finished the job (it took close to three hours).

Fiberglass tape laid between bulkheads 3 and 5, in the forward bay.

The aft end of the glass in the forward bay.

Fiberglass in the forepeak between bulkheads 1 and 2. It was a real pain getting it to fit right.

Another shot of the forepeak glass. It isn't perfect, but it should hold things together just fine.

The next step will be marking and beveling for the second row of planking.  Then I get to make patterns, then planks.  Finally, I get to glue it all into place.  Then we start painting under the anchor well floor.

This boat has a TON of (mostly small) steps.  It will get done eventually.


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