Posted by: Wayne | October 5, 2010

Plane in the neck

I know, really bad pun.

Since glassing the seam between the bottom panel and garboard, I have been planing the bevel into the garboard to accept the lower broadstrake (second plank up).  This is a mite awkward, as the garboard is still uncomfortably close to horizontal, and I am working on the bottom of it.

Not the easiest part of the boat to reach. The bevel is on the bottom of the outboard edge of the garboard.

At this point, I have pretty much the whole bevel planed on the starboard side.  I will plane the rolling bevel forward of bulkhead 1 when I am actually fitting the plank.  I also have to plane the entire port side.

The trick is to use a straightedge held between the stringer above and the bevel I am working on.  This very quickly tells me how close I am to done.

Checking the angle of the planed bevel. Yes, that is a meterstick, not a yardstick.

The result is a rather neat visual effect, as the different plies can be clearly seen in the bevel.

Neatly planed bevels near the transom.

I also ended up with a rather impressive collection of plywood shavings.  I guess it is time to fire up the shopvac again.

One planed bevel, and a mess of shavings.

Tomorrow I get started on the port side.


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