Posted by: Wayne | October 12, 2010

Lower broadstrakes

This evening I got the forward two pieces (out of three) of the lower broadstrake on each side glued.  Before installing the planks, I drilled a pair of holes through the stem for bolts to mount the bow eye (a saddle in this case).  These bolts will be potted in epoxy before the forward compartment is painted and sealed below the anchor well floor.  After the bow has finished and capped with a thin strip of solid wood, I will use the exposed threads to mount the saddle.  This should result in a nice, STRONG attachment that is not a hassle to build.

After getting this project prepared, I mixed up epoxy and started gluing in plywood.  I didn’t get many pictures, but Maria was able to get a few nice ones.

View from the aft end of the new planking.

Starting to install the forward butt block on the starboard side. The angle the planking makes with the bulkhead makes access more than a mite difficult.

Obligatory view from the bow. She will be a very buxom lady.

The next steps will be to clean and fill the areas glued, then to install the aforementioned bolts.  After that it will be time to cut out the anchor well floor and start sealing and painting in that compartment.


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