Posted by: Wayne | October 24, 2010

Upper broadstrakes

This past week has been a bit busy.  Earlier this month a good friend helped me install a new front door on the house.  Yesterday we finished fitting and installing all of the trim.  Work is still hectic.

In between all of this chaos, I have managed to get a bit of boatbuilding done.  I started by making templates for the seat tops.  This is much easier before installing the third row of planking.  I also made a pattern for the floor of the anchor well.

Seat top patterns. She will have a lot of seating.

Son the elder learning how to use a plane.

Yesterday, I installed the aft two-thirds of the third row of planking, and this afternoon I added the final piece on each side.  We didn’t get a lot of pictures, but here are a few random ones.

Installing the butt strap on the starboard side.

Maybe I can reach these screws from the inside...

Pulling the bow into place.

I have been keeping screws in a little cup. Someone has decided to help.

The laps up forward. They still need a bit of cleaning.

Filling the gap between the planking and bulkhead 1.

The bow. Nice narrow forefoot with shapely curves.

View from off the port bow. The bow looks very different from this angle.

View from aft. She has nice firm bilges. The camera was all the way against the back wall for this shot.

I am hoping to install the gunwale stringer in the next day or two.  There will be a break from boatbuilding after that, as I have family coming into town.



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