Posted by: Wayne | October 27, 2010

Gunwale stringers

Yesterday and today I installed the gunwale stringers.  As designed, these are 20mm thick and 40mm tall.  As many others have also done, I decided to laminate this out of a pair of 20×20 sections to make the bends easier.  Yesterday I installed the lower half.  This was a little entertaining, as wrestling an almost 16-foot long piece of wood into notches lubricated by epoxy is not the easiest task known to man.

Today, I installed the upper half.  This was much easier, as I could fasten the upper stringer to the lower as I moved forward (yesterday I could only clamp to the bulkheads).  Unfortunately, it was dark by the time I finished, so I didn’t get many pictures.

View off the port bow, with the upper half of the gunwale stringer glued into place.

View aft along the starboard side.

Looking forward through the bumpkin hole along the inside of the bulkheads.

This will be the last of the boatbuilding for a few days.  After family leaves I will see about beveling, cutting, and then installing the sheerstrake.


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