Posted by: Wayne | November 7, 2010

Whiskey plank!

The past week and a half have passed quickly.  Family came and left, and I have slowly been preparing for the final glue-up of the year in the garage.  Today, it was starting to warm up, so I decided to get to my goal for the year: finish the planking.  I had all six pieces of the sheer plank prepared, so I just had to glue roughly thirty lineal feet of planking into place.

The job started as usual, by smearing the faying surfaces on the hull with thickened epoxy and then screwing the planks into place.  Buttstraps get added, then comes the FUN part: coving.  All of the joints between planking and bulkheads get filled with thickened epoxy.  Some of these joints are nice and tight, others, especially up at the bow, are not.

My FAVORITE job: coving.

Access is always entertaining ...

... especially up in the forepeak.

Inside the forepeak. The stem is to the left. The anchor well floor will rest on the stringer attached to bulkhead 1 and the second planking stringer.

Look, Mom, a BOAT!

Littlest helper.

The prow. The block with the notch is used to clamp the lower edges of the planks.

When all is said and done, I had this in the garage:

All of the planking is now installed. Now to wait for epoxy to cure.

As the title indicates, the last plank to be added to a boat is traditionally called the “whiskey plank.”  This is due to the celebration that usually accompanies this milestone:

A boatbuilder's reward.

This is a very tasty whiskey. It looks like I will need another bottle soon. This one was given to me last Christmas.

This completes all of the gluing on the hull for this year.  It is rapidly getting too cold for any gluing outside.  Over the winter I plan to clean up the epoxy drips inside the boat (there are a LOT of them).  I will also see if I can get the spars laminated down in the basement.



  1. Very, very cool!

  2. Congratulations on reaching this major milestone, Wayne! The boat is looking great and your kids are adorable! They’re going to have SO much fun learning to sail and pretending to be pirates or explorers!

  3. Looking great! Congratulations on this milestone. I know from my own experience that you’ve still got a long way to go, but I also know it will be worth it. Sounds like you’re enjoying the building process and not fretting about about finishing – that’s good! Have fun with the masts.

  4. Osbert, I figure I am about halfway done. Only time will determine the accuracy of the guess.

    God bless!

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