Posted by: Wayne | November 10, 2010

Of Deviled Eggs and Devilry

Wayne looked over at Gabriel asleep in my arms last night and said, “He’s such a good kid.”
I replied, “Are you crazy? No he’s not!”

He’s learning to be two. This means there at one time this morning, there were deviled egg bits in my shoes and carpet, and a lake of water and (still unopened) tea bags in the kitchen. All the math rods were upended on the dining room floor and one small boy was sobbing in the corner because Mommy stuck him there until she got the mess cleaned up.

Yesterday I saw books fly across the room when one of his siblings had something he wanted. (And no, he didn’t want it before they had it.) Full glasses of water magically transformed into ponds on the table. And despite being hungry, the boy would only eat if he fed himself. Come to think of it, that was a “corner day,” too.

Patrick and Elaina make up for it, though. One is collecting dirty laundry to put in the wash and the other is picking up the living room. It’s a small reminder of God’s mercy and children’s growth. This too (two?) shall pass.

Maybe later today, if he’s good, we’ll spend quality time watching the world spin. We may crawl around on the floor together, mopping up the finger lakes region in the kitchen. And yes, I’m sure there will still be hugs given and waves bye-bye while going up the stairs to bed.  But for now, there is the corner.

*This post is provided in the interest of disclosure. Not every day involves cheerful children merrily helping Daddy with epoxy clean-up.



  1. I stand by my earlier comment. Your kids are adorable – even when they’re not!
    May God bless you all.

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