Posted by: Wayne | November 12, 2010


Homeschooling sometimes takes an odd bend. In addition to Boatbuilding 101 and Introduction to Energy Capture (offered as night or weekend classes and taught by Daddy), we read a lot of books and tell a lot of stories. The children have ongoing sagas of the princess trapped in the reservoir’s water intake tower, and sad and lonely letters who are missing their capital friends. Today’s story was about the letter family going out for a day on the lake. Who says art doesn’t imitate life?

Artistic Child: The Elaina A is walking on her head down to the water.

Practical Child: How can she walk if she’s on her head?

Artistic Child: (Ignoring the question) She’s walking with her Mommy A and they’re walking together down to the water on their heads. And there’s Agnes. We’re going to her house, too. They have glasses and eyes and are upsidedown.

Practical Child: But HOW?!?

Artistic Child: It’s easy. They’re on their heads, and are walking.

We'll work on plot development later... maybe when she's four.


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