Posted by: Wayne | November 13, 2010


The boat has made her first voyage outside of the garage.  Since the planking was complete, the building frame was a bit high.  This made working on the planking very convenient, but it also made working on the interior rather awkward.  I couldn’t reach inside, and I needed a ladder to get inside.  I invited a friend over, and co-opted a neighbor, and the three of us carried her outside of the garage and set her on blocks.

She is outside at last!

Guess who got to play in the boat while Dad worked on the building frame.

Crawling under the temporary support for bulkhead 3.

Peeking through the tiller cutout.

All ready for a ride.

Keeping a sharp lookout.

While Patrick and Gabriel were playing in the boat, I removed the bracing and the ladder from the building frame.  I then cut 250mm off of the uprights, reinstalled the ladder frame, and added cross-bracing again.  Then we carried her back inside, and placed her on the frame.

The garage looks bigger now.

Before, the gunwale was at chest level. A little easier to reach now.

Now we will take a break from major work on the boat.  There are scores of epoxy drips that must be chiseled/planed/rasped away.  That will take a bit of the winter.  I am also planning on ripping the wood for spars within the next month and doing that glue-up down in the basement.  The boat posts will probably be a bit boring until spring.



  1. Lovely to see the hull outside with little ones clambering. Great progress!

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