Posted by: Wayne | January 13, 2011


Since the last update, I have sanded and filled the centerboard as much as it is going to get.  I also applied a strip of fiberglass tape to the bottom and leading edge.  This evening I did a final sanding and glassed the starboard side of the board.  Once the port side is glassed, the board will not need much more than paint.

I started out by cutting an appropriately sized chunk of fiberglass.  This  is an almost silky fabric.  It is also VERY easy to snag.  I then laid it on top of the piece to be glassed and started trimming.

Trimming around the pivot pin hole.

The hole is trimmed.

More trimming...

...leads to this.

After all the edges were trimmed, it was time to mix up a batch of epoxy.  I then poured a bit onto the glass-covered board and started to spread it around.  After it had soaked a little, the glass changed from white to clear.

Starting to wet out the glass.

Slowly getting the whole side of the board wetted out.

As I mentioned earlier, the glass is quite easy to snag.  It also LOVES to fray.  When I am working it, I end up with lots of epoxy-laden filaments to deal with.

Epoxy-laden strands of fiberglass that have come off of the cloth during the wetting-out process.

The wetting out process continues…  You can see the lead brick in the centerboard through the glass.

Almost done...

Finishing touches.

The board is now setting in the basement letting the epoxy cure.  The next step will be to sand and clean things up, then to glass the port side.  Then I get to set the centerboard aside for a while.


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