Posted by: Wayne | February 19, 2011

Sheer madness

Over the past couple of days I finished coving the last of the corners in the forepeak below the anchor well floor.  The next warm spell I will start painting in there, then I get to install the anchor well floor.  After that point, I install the kingplank and the coaming stringers.  Somewhere around this time I also cut and fit all of the seat tops.  Then I paint inside the rest of the forepeak and install the decking.  After the decks are installed I will cut the mast partner holes in the decks.  I don’t want to cut the hole in the king plank until the deck is installed, as there will be only 10mm on each side of the hole.  I really don’t want the kingplank to break.

When I planked the boat, I left the upper plank oversize, planning to trim it later.  This afternoon was “later.”  I used a batten to strike the sheer, then I used the power planer to trim down to the line.  It took under an hour per side.  After I finished trimming the sheer, I screwed the king plank in place and clamped the bowsprit on.  My lovely wife grabbed the camera and we proceed to snap a few shots of the boat.

Starboard sheer. The voids will be filled when I glue the deck in place.

Port bow. I am cleaning up a few things in the boat.

Bow shot with my lovely wife admiring the sheer. I know the bowsprit is crooked. The screws holding the kingplank in place are not symmetric.

High angle port bow. I am cleaning up a little bump with the block plane.

High angle bow shot. Yes, the bowsprit is rather long.

That’s all for today folks.  Further updates as events warrant.


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