Posted by: Wayne | February 20, 2011


The Navigator is drawn with an anchor well.  This is a section of the bow above the waterline and forward of bulkhead 1 that is sealed from the rest of the boat.  This section will have a hole cut in the top to allow the anchor rode to be accessed.  Obviously, a hole in the deck just aft of the bow is liable to collect water in rough weather, so it needs drain holes.  Many Navigator simply drill holes, but I decided to put scuppers (one-way flap valves) over these holes.

The real challenge was getting an appropriate sized hole cut in the right place, as access from the inside is limited at best.  I ended up making a plywood circle the same diameter as the hole I wanted, with a small hole in the center.  Then I placed this template in the appropriate place and drove a nail through to the outside.  To actually cut the hole, I used a Dremel tool with a circle cutting attachment.  It did a nice job, but was a bit unpleasant (noisy, dusty, trying to burn the wood if I was not careful).  In the end, I had two nice round holes right where I wanted them.

The anchor well from above. The stem is past the bottom of the picture, bulkhead 1 is at the top, and the holes are at the aft corners of the well, down by the floor. The floor is not glued in place yet.

The port scupper hole. Bulkhead 1 is on the left, the port planking is on the right, and the anchor well floor is at the bottom.

View from off the starboard bow showing the scupper hole. It is in the second plank from the top around the middle of the frame.

Low angle shot of the bow. The scupper holes are just visible to port and starboard.

When the weather warms up I plan to seal and paint below the anchor well floor, then install it.  I will also cut and fit the seat tops.  Then I move on to kingplank, stringers and decks.  The end is still slowly getting closer.


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