Posted by: Wayne | February 26, 2011


This afternoon the family took an excursion to retrieve wheels for the boat.  While launch is still a ways off, a trailer will simplify moving the boat around (stepping masts, etc.).  We also found a pretty good price on a new trailer and didn’t want it to slip away.

After bringing the trailer home, I went about setting the bunks up to fit the boat.

Setting the bunks up to fit the boat.

Once this was accomplished, a couple of friends came over to help move the boat onto the trailer.

The boat exits the garage for the second time.

Almost in place.

Safely on wheels. I know the bunks still need a bit of tweaking, but not right now.

Side view of boat on trailer.

Front quarter view of boat on trailer.

The boat is safely on the trailer and back in the garage. She seems a bit leaner without the building frame sticking out on each side of her bow.

While the boat was outside I took the opportunity to disassemble the building frame.  Generally speaking, this went well.  Unfortunately, I managed to stick a 16d galvanized nail through my right index finger.  The good news is the nail was new and clean (not old and rusted), so the risk of infection shouldn’t be too high.  The bad news is that I had to go to the ER for a tetanus booster.  Have I mentioned that I really dislike shots?

The squeamish among you probably do not want to look at this picture.  No, it is not alien eyes.  The nail entered the left hole and exited the right one.  It seems to have completely missed all of the important stuff (bones, tendons, things like that).  I guess my guardian angel was working overtime today.


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