Posted by: Wayne | March 7, 2011

Side seat tops

Last week I received another shipment of plywood (I ended up using a fair bit more 6mm ply than the plans estimated).  Yesterday and today I fitted the outboard edges of the side seat tops.  I had previously made hardboard patterns that fit reasonably well.  Nevertheless, I wanted a better fit than the hardboard provided.  Time for another boatbuilding tool: the hot glue gun.

I placed the hardboard pattern in place, then hot-glued small scraps to mark key points.

I then laid the modified pattern on top of a piece of plywood and marked all of the slots and the new markers.

I then struck a batten through all of the marks and traced to mark the outboard edge of the seat top.

I used the jigsaw to remove the waste, keeping just outside the line.

For the cross-grain cuts I used a utility knife to score through the face veneer to reduce tear-out.

After cutting the piece with the jigsaw, I used a block plane to trim right down to the line. This leaves a very nice edge.

After getting the edge trimmed, it was time to cut the notches for the bulkhead "ears."

Then it was time to test-fit the piece into the boat. This happened many more times than shown.

I took this opportunity to mark exactly where to trim around the butt strap.

Test fitting the piece. This piece fits fairly well (there is a small gap around the outer edge, maybe 5mm or less. The starboard side has a gap of under 3mm.





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