Posted by: Wayne | March 12, 2011

Seat Tops

Since the last post, I had fitted the rear seat and the two halves of the thwart.  Today I fitted all of the rest of the seating.  I started with the sides of the fore seat.  I used the same trick with hot glue to match the curve of the hull.  I then cut and fitted the spine (straddles the centercase and goes up to the fore seat) and the center filler for the fore seat.  This is a change from the plans (show doing the fore seat in two halves), but it should make it easier to build and seal the box around the mast step.

After all of the seat top pieces were fitted, I set about making and dry-fitting blocks to the inside of the hull to support the outboard edges of the seats.  The plans say to fit them in 6-8″ long pieces, but I started with a single piece for each bay.  The reason to fit them in shorter pieces is to avoid deforming the hull planking bending them.  As soon as I noticed this, I pulled the screws and chopped each piece into 3 smaller chunks.  This method actually worked well, as I was able to align things easier with a longer piece.  After chopping them, I simply used the existing screw holes to line things up.

The seat supports between bulkheads 6 and 7 on the starboard side. This was taken through a 6" access hole. The shadow is from the lens.

A closer look at the seat supports and bulkhead 7 on the starboard side. The rest of the supports are pretty well hidden.

After finishing the seat supports, I proceeded to mark and trim the seat tops to their finished dimensions.  I decided to use a 20mm overlap all round, and to use a plastic bowl (around 200mm radius) to mark the corners.  I also used an ice-cream tub lid for the outboard curves on the aft edge of the fore seat.  What can I say, it was handy.  I still need to fit doublers under all of the exposed edges and round them (to be more comfortable).  For the moment, the seat tops are in nearly their finished shape.

Looking aft at the rear seating. My wife and I will probably ride in the aft cockpit along with the smallest children.

Looking forward at the rest of the seating. The side decks will come out to the ends of the "arms" on the bulkheads, and the foredeck will cover about half of the fore seat. The rest of the children will probably ride up here.

At this point, I am going to take tomorrow off.  I spent around 8 hours on the boat today and need a break.  Building will resume on Monday.  Thank God spring is finally arriving.


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