Posted by: Wayne | March 18, 2011

Bumpkin anchor block

Since the last post I have glued the seat supports to the planking.  I have also finished filling all the screw holes inside the starboard seat and coving the joints with thickened epoxy.  Finally, I laminated up the block that will anchor the inboard end of the bumpkin.

This evening I cleaned up the bumpkin mounting block.  I then countersunk and drilled a pair of holes for the mounting screws.

The next step was to prepare the inboard end of the bumpkin.  As it does not run parallel to the seat top, I needed to bevel the end.

The inboard end of the bumpkin. The beveled facet sits flat on the port seat top.

Then I needed to cut the notch in the mounting block.  I marked off the outline of the bumpkin and used a combination of pull saw, drill and jigsaw to cut the hole, then used a rasp to clean up the hole and enlarge it until the bumpkin fit properly.

Once this was done, I used the screws to mark the location for the holes through the seat top, then drilled the holes.  After trimming the mounting screws to the correct length, I installed the block to the seat top using sex bolts on the underside.  These will be potted in epoxy when installed, then painted over.  There is no plan to remove this at a later date.

The bumpkin mounting block. I still need to slightly notch it to clear the stringer and round all of the corners and edges.

The bumpkin fits nicely into the block, but I had already put the boat away for the night by the time I got out the camera.  Pictures of the mounted bumpkin will wait for another day.  The next major projects will be sealing and coving in the port side seat and making the rudder head.  It may not be much, but every little bit counts.


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