Posted by: Wayne | March 20, 2011

Rudder work

Since gluing in the bumpkin mounting block, I have turned my attention to the rudder.  I basically finished the rudder blade quite some time ago.  Now it is time to begin the rudder head.  Yesterday I ripped and laminated the filler block for the rudder head.  This block will go between the cheeks, providing space for the rudder blade and the tiller.

Filler block for the rudder head. The forward edge is down and the upper end is to the left. Obviously, it still needs to be trimmed to final shape.

As the temperatures have been dipping a bit low at night, the epoxy was not cured enough to machine off the squeeze-out. (Boy, have I have learned that lesson!)  Today I ripped the strips to laminate up the tiller.  This will be around 30x65mm at the forward end of the rudder head, getting somewhat thinner as it progresses forward.  Also, curved tillers always look good.  After a bit of eyeballing, combined with a healthy dose of TLAR (That Looks About Right), I developed a highly refined jig to generate the desired curve.

The tiller is epoxied and clamped. The hand screws are keeping the strips from sliding sideways and the bar clamps are forcing a curve into the piece. The lower member is a 2x4 and the "blocks" are assorted pieces I had lying around.

Finally, I will include a picture taken yesterday when I was test fitting the bumpkin outside.

Test fitting the bumpkin. I think it looks rather nice.

Hopefully by the end of this week I can have a working rudder.  Only time will tell…


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