Posted by: Wayne | April 9, 2011


Currently, I have the side seat bays and below the anchor well floor masked and ready to seal and paint.  Unfortunately, it is the middle of April.  Today was forecast to be upper 60’s and mostly cloudy.  It ended up being low 50’s and fairly humid, so no sealing.  Most of the next week looks like it will be equally unsuitable for painting.

Out of frustration, I looked a bit closer at clearances for the anchor well floor.  With the kingplank installed, I can JUST BARELY install it.  Considering the alternative is to spend most of the next week doing nothing, I decided to install the kingplank.

Before installing it, I wanted to do a quick check on mast rake and forestay length.  I made scrap wood blocks to help set alignment, then rolled the boat outside, tied a line to the mainmast where the hounds will go, and stood it up.

Test stepping the mainmast to check forestay length.

Our youngest child has absolutely no fear. He was trying to figure out how to climb from the ladder into the boat when he was removed.

What can I say? My daughter likes flowers.

I then proceeded to prep items and glue the kingplank into place.  I also sistered an additional piece on each side aft of bulkhead 2.  The kingplank is 125mm wide.  The hole for the mast will be about 100mm in diameter.  I don’t trust 10mm on each side structurally (I am primarily concerned about the time between cutting the hole and gluing the deck into place), so I added a bit of reinforcement.

The kingplank glued in place.

This will become the anchor well. The floor will be mounted above the stringer directly below the scupper hole.

The space between bulkheads 1 and 2. This will be sealed off for flotatation and stowage, accessed through the two white hatches.

The two pieces sistered in alongside the kingplank. This will leave a bit more "meat" after the mast hole is cut.

Another view of the sistered members and the kingplank.

I will still take advantage of any good day to seal and paint under the anchor well floor and inside the side seat bays.  I will also be able to make progress even when conditions are not suitable for painting.


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