Posted by: Wayne | April 10, 2011

Sunday Miscellanea

This afternoon was beautiful, sunny and warm, so I decided to get a bit of random tasks done on the boat.  Before I did any gluing, I had to deal with my epoxy, which had gotten too cold.  Just like honey, it had crystallized.  The solution, also like honey, was to place the container in hot water for a while.

Once that problem was addressed, I redid a scarf for the starboard coaming stringer (the previous scarf broke, due to voids in the joint).  I knew the joint was questionable, and it let go when I was starting to dry fit things.

Re-doing a scarf joint. I got careless and the previous joint had voids.

I then fitted and installed the blocking for the chainplates.  The top and bottom screw heads should end up buried under the rubbing strips, leaving only the middle screw head visible.

The port chainplate installed with epoxy curing on the blocking. The stringers are sweeping up at this point, so the forward rake looks a bit exaggerated.

Finally, I cut, prepped, and assembled the mast steps.

Mast steps gluing. Mizzen step in background, main step in foreground.

I still need to clean up all of the glue ups, then install the coaming stringers.  More bulletins as events warrant.


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