Posted by: Wayne | April 11, 2011

Coaming stringers

Thanks to the warm weather, the epoxy on the coaming stringer scarf cured enough to be installed today.  I used a combination of zip ties and a few clamps to hold everything in place.

The aft portions of the coaming stringers sweep nicely in and up. I just found an angle where they look straight.

I also cleaned up the mast steps for installation.  The mizzen step was fun.  The aft face is not perpendicular to the bottom and is notched for the transom bracing.  The two sides are also not parallel.

The mizzen step dry fit into place. The inboard edge will be trimmed before final installation.

The main step was a bit simpler.  I simply cleaned up all of the edges, then slightly trimmed the forward end to fit the bulkhead better.

The main mast step trimmed to size and dry-fitted. It is a simple rectangular solid with the leading face (right side) angled slightly.

After epoxy cures, I will need to trim the kingplank and coaming stringers, then I get to fit the deck.


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