Posted by: Wayne | April 14, 2011


Today was reasonably warm and sunny.  I was able to get off work a bit early and spend some time working on the boat.  The project du jour was the foredeck.

I began by creating a pair of patterns out of hardboard.  It is just possible to get both foredeck halves out of a single sheet of plywood, but there is not much room to spare  It is much better to waste cheap hardboard than expensive plywood.

The foredeck patterns laid out on a sheet of plywood. Notice the tight clearance.

A better view of the clearance between the two halves of the foredeck.

After cutting and screwing the foredeck into place, I marked and cut the hole to access the anchor well, as well as the hole through the deck and kingplank for the mainmast.  Finally, I drilled and bolted the bowsprit into place.

The boat with foredeck and bowsprit.

Another angle showing the anchor well and mainmast partner hole.

All told, a long day’s work, but a good one.  Next, I get to tackle the side and rear decks.


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