Posted by: Wayne | April 27, 2011

Mast Steps

Yesterday evening I glued both mast steps into place.  The mizzen step is glued to the port seat front, the bottom panel, and the transom, with a pair of screws countersunk through the bottom panel.

Mizzen step with mast in place. The transom is to the left, the port side seat is to the right. The new transom drain is between the gudgeon bolt and the step. The drain for the step is the hole in the corner between the transom and the bottom panel.

I also plugged the port drain hole in the transom, as the mizzen step blocks it.  Today I drilled a new drain hole.

Port transom. The old plugged hole is outboard, the new hole is just outboard of the lower gudgeon.

The main step was a bit more challenging.  I glued and screwed the step to the bottom panel, then built a box to seal the front seat around the mast.  Finally, I installed a copper pipe to drain the step.

Mainmast box, with mast stepped. The bow is towards the top. The step drains through the copper pipe.

The outlet for the mainmast step drain tube. The central spine forward of the centercase is to the left, the bow is up.

Looking down into the mainmast box. The bow is up.

Next I get to seal and cove all of the corners inside the front seat bay, then painting will begin.


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