Posted by: Wayne | June 5, 2011

Life happens

Sorry for the lack of updates.  A lot has been happening recently.  I have had to replace a pair of front brake calipers, a rear wiper motor and tighten clamps in a power window on the automobiles over the past week and a half.  As if that wasn’t enough, I also had to knock out and replace the concrete steps in front of our house (now wood).  Our neighbor mentions that two owners ago they started going bad, so they were carpeted.  Should I be concerned that there is a lot of carpeting elsewhere in the house?

This is in addition to the other little curveballs life throws our way.  Further bulletins as sleep warrants.



  1. hey chin up
    life is full of curve balls which I assume is a baseball metaphor?
    your boat building is going well and think of the fun you’ll have
    take care

    • Steve:

      Sorry about any confusion. In baseball, a curve ball is where the ball changes trajectory in an unexpected fashion between the mound and the plate.

      In common parlance, a curve ball is an unexpected twist life throws at you. I can certainly cope with all of the interesting developments coming my way. I just occasionally dabble in overstatement.

      This is yet another reminder that we live in two countries separated by a common language. It is always a pleasure exchanging notes with you.

      God bless!

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