Posted by: Wayne | June 6, 2011

Please Welcome

The newest member of the crew, Blaise Athanasius Justin Johnson

Healthy, happy and home. The kids are thrilled with their new brother!



  1. Keep this up and you’ll need to build a Pathfinder! LOL!
    Seriously, congratulations on your beautiful, healthy, happy baby boy. And God bless your beautiful family. I wish you all the best.

  2. Joel:

    I don’t need a Pathfinder. This is just part of the plan to convince my wife to let me build an Oughtred double ender to accompany the Navigator. Oh, shoot. She reads this blog…

    God bless!

  3. didn’t John have a design for a whaler? surely that would take all? congratulations. i am a sucker for young ‘un’s having trained for part of my time as an infant teacher. sadly I have found that there isn’t much difference between teaching infants and teaching my sixth formers other than infants are more mature! A lovely wee lad, congratulations wayne


  4. Steve:

    John does have plans for a whaler. For economic reasons, I think it would make more sense to add a second vessel of similar size instead of replacing with a larger unit. It also allows helpful young-uns to have more opportunities to help.

    Finally, no offense to Mr. Welsford, but Oughtred’s double enders look better than his whaler to my eye.

    Unfortunately, I have also noticed that a great many people in this day and age have maturity levels not in keeping with their legal age. Many of them have found highly successful careers in public office.

    God bless!

  5. you’ve clearly met our prime minister and deputy prime minister then!!!!

    i almost built the whilly boat instead of the navigator – i know what you mean about oughtred boats – had the garage been 4 feet longer – it would have been a hard choice between caledonian yawl and pathfinder

    anywy, hope you are getting some sleep and once again ongratulations


    • Steve:

      I haven’t met the politicians you allude to. We have plenty of that stripe on our side of the Atlantic.

      Amusingly, if our garage was a few feet longer, I wouldn’t have looked any further than the Caledonia Yawl.

      God bless!

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